The last time I wrote a blog-post was when I was noticed in the media because I had been doing something unusual in my profession as a police officer. At that time I was given the temporary nickname ”Parkour-police”. My blog has since been hibernating because I’ve felt I haven’t had anything special to write about.

Now I feel the need to write, get some things off my chest and also answer some questions about my intervention, which happened about a week ago. Above all I want to thank everyone who has given me praise, written nice comments or backed me up when I have been criticized! You make me so incredibly happy!! I would love to write and thank you all individually, but you are all too many! THANK YOU!!!

Now to answer some queries from people who have criticized my actions.

Why did I post the picture?

Shortly after my intervention my friend told me she had taken a picture of me. We laughed at it beacuse of the sheer comedy in the situation of arresting someone while dressed in a bikini. My friends have never before seen me in action as a policewoman and were a bit shocked over what had happened and the fact that it went so fast. This was another aspect which for us made it comical.

I discussed with my friend and my police colleague whether I should post the picture just to warn and remind people that thefts like this are common. Reports against these kind of offenses increase in a ridiculous amount during the summer and basically no-one gets their valuables back nor does any suspect get arrested or get convicted of any crime.

We all agreed that the picture was to be posted in this purpose, plus the fact that there was something comical about it. I was happy that the picture got so many likes on Instagram and was also shared on FB. 24 hours later, Aftonbladet (local newspaper) called and wanted to make an interview, in the same purpose. I told them about how one can act as a civilian if one is subject to theft. After Aftonbladet published the interview, my phone has been ringing non-stop. I could not imagine that the picture would spread the way it now has. Journalists from around the world have sought me out, interviewed me and even traveled to Sweden to make reports about me.

I respect anyone who thinks I was wrong in uploading the picture. I was hesitant myself but felt that the pro’s surpassed the con’s. Looking back I would not like to have had it undone since I believe it has created more trust for the police rather than the opposite. This is fortified also by the positive attention it has been given, not only to me but to Swedish Police, from around the world. I don’t consider myself neither mocking or derogating any individual by publishing the picture. If so it was absolutely not my intention.

Am I a racist?
Unfortunately the attention has been far from only positive for me as a person. I’ve gotten some haters and a little too many unpleasant messages and e-mails from people who, for different reasons, loathe my actions. Most of it just runs off me, but not all. I also get messages from people who admire what I have done a little too much and seem to be willing to sell their own grandmother just to meet me! This makes me feel uneasy.

In the first interview I happened to say that the guy who approached us was foreign. Right after this had been published, I started getting hate-messages about me being a racist. Apparently I offended some people in our country, and for this I am sorry.

I realized my mistake and from then on simply said that it was a guy. I even considered saying it was a person, so not to offend the male gender. Luckily no comments were made about this.

To those of you who dislike me because you think I’m a racist, I just want to tell you that my own family are also immigrants. My grandmother came to Sweden as an undocumented fugitive after surviving from a concentration-camp. My father came as a child with his parents as fugitives to Sweden! If it hadn’t have been for Sweden’s foreign policy I wouldn’t even have existed. The origin of the thief definitely had nothing to do with my actions and will never affect my future actions either. I act and conduct myself in the exact same manner regardless of someones origin, both as a policewoman and as a civilian.

Just as bad are the e-mails i have gotten from racist sympathizers who praise me and write that I was fierce who nailed the immigrant-trash and hope I mashed him extra hard. I feel that these imbecile comments are not even deemed worthy of a response whatsoever.

Irrespective of origin I hope that the majority want to fight any crime commited.

Was it necessary to put a knee in the perpetrator’s back?
If you take a closer look at the picture you can quite clearly see that I am not pushing my knee in to the man’s thoracic spine. That kind of force was not authorized. But I had make use of what my frame of 55 kg bodyweight would allow, just to keep the man under wraps.

What you can see on the picture is the instant when I kept my shin and inside thigh against his arm so that he could not escape. This to be able to assist my partner who is holding his other arm. She has to let go to get her phone and call 112 (emergency service).

The man quickly realized when he was on the ground that he did not have a chance to break loose which in turn made him sieze his struggling and we could ease our grips.

Am I a hero?
I think it is quite an exaggeration to salute me as a hero all over the world. I was merely doing my job and I know that basically all my colleagues on the force would do the same if they saw a crime being commited.

Nevertheless I am so glad and thankful for this Cartoon Superhero that has been dedicated to me. I still have not been able to track down the artist. Maybe the artist wants to remain anonymus. If not, please help me get in contact with them.

Lastly I just want to say THANK YOU to some of you who have been awesome during the last week!! I’m so glad that you are a part of my life! You, and nothing else makes me the world’s happiest right now!! Malin, Jenny, Janne, Adam and of course my biggest fan, my dear mother Anita  <3  <3 !!

Translator: Jan Czarnecki